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Green City Basel association

Together with the Commercial and Business Park Foundation, the FHNW and the Start-up Academy, we founded the Green City Basel association in 2022. The vision of the "Zero-Waste, Circular Economy, Economy & Sustainability" association is to create a society based on the principles of sustainability and circular economy. The association relies on the promotion of innovation and the creation of new business models that build on these principles.

By implementing projects, the association wants to help create jobs and increase value creation. The association works closely with various stakeholders to achieve broad support for its initiatives.

Another important goal of the association is to raise awareness of sustainability in society. By creating awareness and educating the population about the importance of sustainability and the circular economy, the association wants to help more people get involved in these issues and adapt their lifestyles accordingly.

Overall, the "Zero-Waste, Circular Economy, Economy & Sustainability" association strives for a society that is based on the principles of sustainability and circular economy, that is innovative and adds value, while protecting the environment.


Our location - factory park

Through its activities, Werkpark Basel strives to contribute to promoting sustainability in the Basel region and to supporting the economy by creating new jobs and business opportunities.


Our target group

Our target group are SMEs, because SMEs usually have special needs and challenges that need to be taken into account. For example, SMEs often cannot access the same resources and means as larger companies, but often have the desire to innovate and develop further.


International cooperation

International cooperation can help companies increase their competitiveness and expand their business on a global scale.

These include expanding the market, increasing efficiency, access to resources, reducing risk, fostering innovation and creativity, and knowledge sharing.

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